From humble beginnings, the Kali chocolate range is now firmly established as one of Australia's favourite premium drinking chocolates. Kali's classic, lasting appeal has made it one of the food industry's most-loved products for over a decade now and, in keeping with the demands of an ever changing hospitality scene, we are very excited to announce that Kali is soon to be available in new packaging. 

This new packaging is designed to highlight the iconic and beautiful character of Kali, and to showcase a premium yet delicious and natural brand offering. In an effort to create an innovative and unique packaging design, we have moved to printed, box bottom bags and used a rich pallet of colours to bring striking visual presence when on the shelf.  Please be assured that we are only changing the packaging - there will be no changes made to the product recipe, form, size, claims, name and price. 

Kindly take this information into account when placing your future orders as no exchange or return of Kali chocolates packed in our current form (silver bags) will be accepted. 

The new packaging for the Kali Chocolate range will be phased in from 20th August 2017

We hope that you will love our new design as much as we do

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