Bitter sweet complexity with low sugar

Kali Dark Chocolate has approximately 70% cocoa & cocoa butter content combined, with less than 20% sugar. Whilst Kali Dark is rich in cocoa, the alkalised cocoas are not overly acidic, when combined with the high cocoa butter content Kali Dark Hot Chocolate appeals to a wide audience. Additional sugar can also be added to suit taste preferences.

Rich and smooth


Be sure to use full cream milk, nut milk or soy and prepare the chocolate powder mix inside the milk jug whilst heating with the steam wand of a coffee machine. The chocolate blend has kibbled shards of chocolate, which, when melted, create a smooth, rich and indulgent chocolate experience, further enhanced with the use of Kali chocolate sprinkles.

Superior Flavour with fast preparation


Kali is specially formulated for busy cafes that want an exceptional chocolate experience without compromising on café workflow and speed of preparation. Kali uses a blend of rich cocoas and coverture that deliver a rich, flavoursome and buttery drinking chocolate, which can be prepared in the time taken to heat the milk when using the steam wand of a coffee machine.



Gluten Free: No use of thickeners

Kali is a premium chocolate beverage that is full-bodied, but light enough to ask for a second cup. Kali does not contain any gluten and therefore is suitable for coeliacs.


100% Natural: No artificial flavours or additives used

Kali is 100% natural, dairy and gluten free with no artificial colours, flavours or additives. Kali uses a blend of cocoas, couverture and unrefined panela sugar and coconut blossom nectar. Kali is also GMO-Free. 

Cost Effective when compared with couverture hot chocolates


Kali delivers exceptional strength and complexity by combining rich cocoas with coverture – the rich cocoas provide strength to cut through milk whilst the couverture creates a smooth buttery mouthfeel. Kali Dark Chocolate is more cost-effective than straight couverture hot chocolates which typically require up to 25% more chocolate to prepare. Straight couverture hot chocolates are also typically very heavy which may diminish your customers’ appetite.

Dairy Free

Kali does not contain dairy ingredients, making it suitable for vegans. Kali is however produced with equipment that may have been used to prepare milk-based products.

Ethically sourced


Cocoas used in Kali are sourced in accordance with SERAP – Socially and Environmentally Responsible Agricultural Practices program. SERAP promotes ethical and responsible social practices, and recognizes and supports the pivotal roles women play in cocoa cultivation and rural development. SERAP promotes vocational education and helps to fight tropical diseases through preventative health training, also providing access to clean drinking water, proper sanitation and good nutrition. To date, SERAP has reached 67 cooperatives in Côte d'Ivoire and more than 60,000 farmers. 



West African alkalised dutch pressed cocoas from the Ivory Coast of West Africa.

Granulated Couverture from the Maracaibo region of Venezuela

Organically Grown Panela Sugar from Colombia.

Organically Grown Coconut Blossom Nectar from the Philippines.